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[oneshot] Kizuna - KameDa fanfic

Title: Kizuna
Pairing: Kamenashi/Ueda
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own KAT-TUN nor anything related to them; I'm just a fangirl that's all
Summary: The events that happened during the NMP World Tour 2010 in Taiwan when Ueda injured his toe and a worried Kamenashi reacts upon this event
A/N: This is the very first time I'm writing a fanfic so spare me ^^

The anticipation for the start of Ueda Tatsuya’s performance of “RABBIT OR WOLF” spread around the Taiwan Concert Stadium once Nakamaru Yuichi and Tanaka Koki finished their duet “ONE ON ONE”. As Ueda make his way towards the stage for his solo, every member of KAT-TUN cheered him on, “Gambatte, Ueda!” Kamenashi Kazuya gave a look towards Ueda and gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered into his ear, “Gambatte Usagi-chan~” With that, Ueda smiled and headed towards the stage.

The performance was going along smoothly; Ueda was singing with all his passion towards his beloved music; while in backstage, Kame was preparing for his “Kizuna/Lost My Way” performance, Maru was preparing for his beatbox performance, and Taguchi Junnosuke and Koki were taking a break before getting into their “Going!” clothes; all were watching the performance from the TV screen in their dressing room. Finally, the time has come! Ueda’s infamous jump during his solo, though it was going to be different than usual, back when they did their concert in Japan. Everyone knew that there was a risk for Ueda; with the height difference of three metres wide, all were praying for Ueda’s safe landing, especially Kame.

Kame was watching the jump carefully from the screen and then it happened. Ueda land failed! But like any professional singer, Ueda continued with his performance with all his might without any signs of pain. At that instant, Kame knew that something has happened to Ueda’s foot, “Hey guys, don’t you think something’s wrong with Tat-chan’s foot? It’s like he’s trying to hide something…” The other three checked the screen where it was showing the remainder of Ueda’s performance. “He looks like he’s doing fine. You worry too much Kame-chan…” Koki commented.

Ueda’s performance was finally finished and came back to the dressing room slowly, to prepare for “Going!” Kame ran down the hallway and found Ueda limping back. “Tat-chan daijoubu?!” Kame asked. “Zenzen heiki!” Ueda replied childishly. With that, Kame signed with relief, thinking that maybe Koki was right and he was just worrying too much.

Kame started making his way towards the stage when all of a sudden he heard a bang on the floor. When he turned around, he noticed that Ueda was lying on the floor, in pain and exhausted, expressions that he has never seen on Ueda’s face during their years of live concerts. “UEDA!!!!!”

The other members came out of the dressing room with wondering and worried faces. “What happened?!” asked Junno. “It’s gotta be Ueda’s foot! He must have injured it while he made that jump!” Kame explained while panicking, but trying to calm himself down so that no one could see him like this.

Just as tears were about to fall from his eyes, Ueda used his remaining strength from his solo performance and brought his hand towards Kame’s face, whipping off the tears, “Don’t worry about me, get onto that stage and wow the audience.” But Kame was worrying to the extent that he completely ignored Ueda’s words and screamed, “Get the staff to call an ambulance immediately!!!”

As impatience for getting Kame to listen to him grew, with one breath, Ueda yelled, “KAZUYA!!!” With that one shout and word, Kame silenced and turned to face Ueda. “Kazuya, I’m fine. I’m sorry that I was being reckless and made you and everyone else worried. But you’ve gotta continue.” With those words touched his heart, Kame stopped crying, “How am I supposed to sing with you being injured?”

“Kame,” Maru jumped in while Junno and Koki hold each of Ueda’s arms for support, “The staff already called the ambulance and is already here. They’ll take Ueda to the hospital for a check up on his injury and condition. Go on stage, the audience is waiting for you.” Kame stood for a moment of hesitation, but gains his strength back and started running towards the stage until Ueda stopped him, “Kazuya! Make me able to hear your voice while I’m away! Make me happy!” Kame turned around and saw Ueda’s smile and his victory hand; happy seeing Ueda’s smile, Kame smiled back and gave his victory hand in return and continued running. With Ueda’s strength behind him, Kame reached the stage and passionately started singing “Kizuna” with the rest of the Taiwan audience singing along with him, knowing that it’s not only his fans that are singing along with him, but also Ueda singing along too.

Finally, the N.M.P. Taiwan Concert was over for the night, all the remaining members of KAT-TUN returned to their dressing rooms to undress, until they got word from the staff, “Ueda-san is in good condition. He just accidentally sprained his toe. Though he’ll be having a cast around his foot, he’ll be able to return to stage tomorrow!” With good news on their shoulders, the members were as happy as ever. “Kamenashi-san,” the staff continued, “Ueda-san wants to let you know that thanks to your voice of “Kizuna”, he’ll be able to make a full recovery.” Kame’s smile was now brighter than his farewell smile to his fans for the night, that it even made Koki, Maru, and Junno smile too, “Come on, guys! Let’s go to the hospital and check on Tat-chan now!”



I was having a pretty bad day; but reading this really turned it around <333333

Is this really your first fic? O_O
You MUST be a natural. It's WAY better than MY first fic, in my opinion :))) <3

I love the small kiss from Kame to Ueda at the start. It was so sweet and fwuffy!!!~ <333
The summary already got me hooked; because there aren't much fics about Uepi's Taiwan incident; and I quite like it when people worry over other people. Plus I love KameDa :) <3

I got goosebumps at the part where Ueda fell and Kame and the other members started worrying. <3333 Couldn't stop squirming in my seat and getting so excited to see what happens next xD

I love how you made Ueda strong and encouraging to Kame despite his injury; I love how you built up the tension from start to end; I love how you made the ending so sweet it melts my heart and I itch for more; and I love you for making this fic <3333 :)
You so awesome! <3 Breathtaking 1st work! :)

Re: <333

Awww.... That's so sweet of you ^^ Thank you <3

Yea it really is my first fanfic! One of my tumblr followers was requesting one on tumblr and gave me the idea so I did it while I was on the road xP

I'm glad that this hooked you on and made your day ^^ Makes me real happy that someone appreciates the hard work that's put into it =D

Thanks again~