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[oneshot] The Prisoner of Bloodlust - KameDa fanfic

Title: The Prisoner of Bloodlust
Pairing: Kamenashi/Ueda
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own KAT-TUN nor anything related to them; I'm just a fangirl that's all
Summary: Ueda Tatsuya has been imprisoned as a blood supply for the vampire prince Kamenashi Kazuya for seven years along with many other victims. However, he has not been touched by the dark prince within those seven years for unknown reasons, until the prince summoned him and tells him the truth.
A/N: This is dedicated to my friend johannatwobeats, based on her beautiful KameDa gifset on tumblr

Night has fallen upon us and darkness has arisen. The vampire prince rose from his slumber to dance in the dark and satisfy his thirst for blood. He is a prince to which no one would ever dare to disobey; that vampire prince is Kamenashi Kazuya.

“Bring me my blood bag.” A face of a prince, and yet act like a king, his guards immediately took his orders and left to get his blood bag; a human.

Down below the palace, a prison kept the prince’s supply of blood. The cells were filled with prisoners; some were bruised from trying to escape from the prince; some were covered with bite marks and blood from being fed on; others were feared of being the next blood bag or death. But there was one person who lost all senses to those fear; Ueda Tatsuya.

“You! Get up! It’s time for you to feed the prince!” one of the guards demanded to the person who was sitting next to Ueda.

Ueda woke up from his nap when the guard started yelling. He watched the prisoner beside him being grabbed and pulled away from her spot; tears streamed down her face and screaming for help to avoid the dark prince from devouring her. All Ueda did was look down with sadness. He still remembers the time when he was first sent to the palace as a teenager. His parents were on the edge of bankruptcy and gave away their son in exchange for the dark prince to save them from losing their wealth. Ueda knew it would happen sooner or later but never knew that even after seven years, he would still be alive. He has met and been alone with the prince before but never has he been chosen to be his food. Almost everyone that he is surrounded by has at least been fed by the dark prince once or twice. He had always wondered why the prince has never taken his blood, even till now.

It wasn’t long until the guards came back and demanded for another blood bag to come to the prince. That only meant one thing: the girl that was previously called up is dead. Knowing this at the back of their minds, everyone started to panic and hugged each other for comfort and support whether or not death was approaching them soon. Ueda leaned back to the wall and sighed, “Why, my prince…”

Back in his room, Kazuya was showered by blood, trying to satisfy his thirst but with no luck. Within the three hours since he had awakened, he had already taken the lives of three innocent people, slowly and painfully. However, through his sadistic and bloodlust personality, Kazuya hides his guilt and sadness from killing his blood supply. Despite knowing that he has countless of prisoner downstairs waiting for him to be fed on, he knew that tonight, even if he takes them all down, none of them will satisfy him. Usually, his reason for killing was because he was tired of his current blood bag and then chooses another one afterwards. This time it was different; nothing was satisfying him tonight. He knew that at this rate, everyone will die and there was no way he will survive.

“Give me a list of the prisoners that are left remaining and their physical condition.” He immediately ordered.

It didn’t take long before the guards from the prison came back with a list. Kazuya skimmed through the list and spotted the one name that he noticed that he had never taken a single drop of blood from.

“Call him up.” Kazuya told one of his guards while using his finger to point at the name that he requests for, “And before he comes in, have him wear these clothing.”

Ueda was napping again once every one in the prison calmed down from their panicking from the previous hours. He was having a good nap until one of the guards opened his cell and woke him up, “Ueda Tatsuya? Come with us.” Ueda blinked with concern while everyone around him started whispering on how it was finally his turn instead of them suffering. Without any arguments, Ueda stood up and followed the guard out.

He continued to follow until they reached into a room where clothes were laid out on a bed. “What’s with the clothing?” Ueda asked.

“The prince requests you to change into them before you enter his room.” The guard replied, “He would rather see you in these ragged clothes he has offered than the clothing that you’re currently wearing.”

Ueda looked down and felt embarrassed about what he was wearing; he felt like a peasant after coming back into reality and realizing what kind of clothing he was currently wearing.

“Change quickly, Ueda-san. The prince can get impatient from waiting on his food.” The guard added on. Hearing the information, Ueda quickly changed into his new clothing and continued following the guard towards the dark prince’s room.

Right when they arrived in front of the room, the guard walked in front of Ueda, “I must put this on you first.” The guard took out a pair of handcuffs and placed it around Ueda’s wrist before the latter can say anything further, “I’m sorry. The prince also requested that you wear this right before you enter and put your hood on too.” The guard helped Ueda put his hood on.

As soon as Ueda’s appearance was presentable, the guard knocked the door, “Kazuya-sama, he has arrived.”

“Come in.”

The door opened and entered Ueda, handcuffed in ragged clothing like a true prisoner; his eyes were looking down until he looked up and saw the dark prince, sitting in bed, waiting for his meal to be served like a true king waits. Ueda looked around the room while approaching the prince; darken room with dimmed lights, an elegant make-up table and closet, and right beside the grand window were three dead bodies lying on top of one another; one who use to sit beside him back in the prison.

“Glad you can join me, Tatsuya. Sorry if you’re disturbed by the decoration.” Kazuya welcomed with a smile. Ueda said nothing except bowing to the prince, at the same having his heart beating faster than ever in his life. Looking at his expressionless face, Kazuya’s smiled turned into a frown; a frown that should never be revealed. Kazuya got out of his bed and walked towards Ueda. The prince extended his hand towards the handcuffed man to put down his hood and at the same time, caressing his face and making the latter look up at him.

Ueda’s face suddenly turned to a stern expression, “Release me at once.” Having to hear that sentence from the guy who he had kept safe for seven years, Kazuya grabbed Ueda’s neck collar and pulled him to the point where the two men were facing eye-to-eye. “Don’t you ever say that, ever again.” Kazuya replied back with a cold tone.

Ueda’s senses finally came back to him after hearing those words to the point that all he could do was look into the cold prince’s eyes and breathe heavily. He wanted to say something but couldn’t; the fear that had disappeared throughout the seven years was resurfacing; a fear that was deepening to the point that Ueda wanted to turn into the little kid he used to be and crawl up into a ball and hide in a dark corner in the prison, crying to himself to avoid any harm or nightmares. Ueda took a deep breath before he could say anything, “At least unlock me from these handcuffs.”

“What are the chances of you running away from me?” Kazuya questions him.

“Zero chances. I’ll do whatever you want me to do as long as you do not harm anyone else ever. I’m all yours.” Ueda confirmed.

There was a moment of silence before Kazuya released Ueda from his grasp and started walking towards his make-up table. As Kazuya walked away from Ueda, the latter mustered the strength to ask the one question that he had always wanted to ask the prince, “Why didn’t you do anything to me for these seven years? I’ve been here for seven years and yet you have never drunk from me. You would rather take those who were here either for a longer or shorter time than I was. Why?”

Kazuya reached his table, grabbed a key from his table drawers, and walked back to Ueda. He looked at the latter, “To confirm your feelings.” Without further words, Kazuya went up to Ueda and kissed. Despite Kazuya being a vampire or a cold-hearted prince, Ueda was surprised but suddenly succumb to the kiss, noting to himself that the kiss was warm and soft; something that he has forgotten for seven years. As the kiss broke off, Ueda realized that his handcuffs were unlocked and his hands were free again.

“You may not realize it but I have not only ‘released’ you but as we speak, the prisoners below have received their right of freedom.” Kazuya noted, “But now that you’re the only ‘prisoner’ left here, this is the ‘punishment’ that you’ll be receiving.” Kazuya again grabbed Ueda’s collar and threw him onto his bed. As soon as the latter landed onto the bed, with his vampire speed, Kazuya dashed to Ueda and before Ueda could ask what he was about to do, Ueda suddenly felt a pain that he had always been waiting for. Blood flooded as Ueda held onto Kazuya while the prince’s mouth was on his neck, taking his life slowly away.

Kazuya released himself from his bloodlust for Ueda’s blood. As he wiped off the blood on his mouth, Kazuya kissed Ueda, who was breathing hard from the lack of blood, again and said, “I won’t turn you into a vampire, but I will take away your time and you will live as an immortal being.” As soon he finished his sentence, Kazuya went for the other side of Ueda’s neck and the passion and blood flowed again like before.

As passion splashed onto him, Tatsuya muttered his final words before the vampire prince took away his time.

“I’m your prisoner of bloodlust. Always and forever.”


I really love this XD you already know that but I thought I'd say it on here aswell ^^

"Always and forever" I esp love how it ends with that XD


This is so wonderfully dark and a bit lustly <33333
Kame-chan is like a spoiled man; but he gets what he wants. Because really? 7 years to confirm Ueda's feelings? And they hardly even talked! But that self-centeredness and selfish my pace is what makes this fic what it is. Amazing.
I can feel Ueda's confusion and at the same time neutral state as he absorbs everything around him.
It's a really great KameDa fic :DDD I like it!!
It's been some time since i've last read a fic with tat-chan! I love your fic! Great job! Vamp!kazuya is so hot>.