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[personal] Alive and Well

Yo people~

Alive and well here~ Just busy with summer school and family business-related stuff.
Plus my only and current laptop is an asshole so I'm completely using my desktop which has nothing on it and I don't wanna fill it with fandom because my mother also uses this desktop and she gets angry whenever she sees any of my fandom stuff and starts saying that "these shit is a waste of time" and etc.....

Sorry I haven't been able to post anything since I haven't got the time with all my summer school discussion board posting assignments, loads of readings and note taking, and essays!  On my final few weeks of it and I still have 2 more papers to write.  I got 2 essays back for my "Myths & Legends" literature course and I got a 96% on my first essay and recently, a 100% on my second essay =DDDDD  What's worse is that both are late submission but I didn't get any marks deducted for lateness XDDD  My prof ROCKS~

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